1. General

1.1. These general terms of sale (hereinafter the terms) are the basis for all agreements resulting from the sale of the products and/or services (hereinafter referred to as the goods) by Marde Kaubandus OÜ (hereinafter the seller).

1.2. The conditions which differ from these conditions are only possible by the corresponding agreement written by the parties in writing.

1.3. Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to limit the legal rights of the consumer (within the meaning of the Law of Obligations Act).

  1. Order confirmation, entry into force and cancellation

2.1. The relationship between the seller and the buyer is the basis of an order made by the seller and confirmed by the Purchaser (hereinafter: Order), which is legally authorised by the purchaser and the seller to confirm the conditions of the transaction.

2.2. Together with the order confirmation, the buyer agrees to these terms.

2.3. The order comes into effect upon receipt of the prepayment by the purchaser.

2.4. You can change your subscription before it takes effect. No changes can be made to the order in force, the changes will be formalised as a new order.

2.5. The purchaser may cancel the order before it enters into force. When cancelling an order, the purchaser is not refunded the prepayment or the final tax. For cancelling an order from the buyer, the contract is considered to be waiving the ordered item, the final amount of the goods being paid out within 21 (p) and the non-acceptance of the goods within 90 (p) of the delivery deadline. By canceling an order, the purchaser loses the right to the goods, they belong to the seller, and the seller can reuse them for other purposes.

  1. Price of goods and conditions for payment thereof

3.1. The price of the goods and the conditions for its payment are fixed in the order and on the invoice prepared on the order.

3.2. The buyer undertakes to pay 100 prepayment for the order confirmation.

3.3. The price of the goods includes the packaging.

  1. Deadline for delivery of goods

4.1. The term for delivery of the goods starts on order entry.

4.2. The due date is fixed in the order. If the time limit is specified or changed, the seller shall inform the contact telephone or e-mail address indicated by the purchaser.

  1. Obligation to receive and review goods

5.1. The purchaser is required to verify the conformity of the goods with the order when receiving the goods.

5.2. Upon acceptance of the goods, the purchaser shall be obliged to inform the seller immediately of the supply of the goods in the light of visible deviations.

5.3. The risk of accidental loss of or damage to the goods goes from the seller to the buyer when the goods are delivered.

  1. Expenses

6.1. The seller has the right to demand compensation from the purchaser for the storage of goods in the seller’s store for a period exceeding two weeks of the agreed delivery time. The deposit fee is 3 for each day of deposit.

  1. Ownership of goods

7.1. Ownership of the goods is transferred from the seller to the purchaser with full payment of the purchase price.

  1. Submission of claims

8.1. In the event of a defect of a technological nature, the purchaser may require repair of the goods and, in the case of inability to repair, the replacement of the goods. If it is possible to repair the goods, it is not possible to demand replacement by the purchaser, as this would lead to unreasonable costs for the seller.

8.2. If an item defect occurs, the purchaser undertakes to inform the seller about the problem by e-mail or telephone describing how and when a defect was detected or encountered. A purchase order and a document proving payment of the goods and, where possible, photographs of the defect shall be included. The corresponding application must be submitted within a reasonable period of time, but not later than 2 months after the defect has been discovered. In the event of failure to comply with this deadline without good reason, the purchaser loses the right to require the seller to repair the goods free of charge or to replace the detail. The further use of the goods is prohibited when detecting the error.

8.3. The seller undertakes to review the complaint and reply to the Purchaser within 5 working days of accepting the complaint. Upon justification by the purchaser, the seller undertakes to repair or replace the goods at their own expense within a reasonable period of time.

8.4. The seller is not responsible for:

8.6.1. Damage to the goods caused by the fault or negligence of the purchaser;

8.6.2. Defects caused by improper installation and/or untargeted use of the product by the purchaser;

8.6.3. Natural wear and tear of goods in normal use

8.6.4. Under different conditions of use (humidity, temperature, wind, etc.).

  1. Exchange of Goods

9.1. The buyer has the right to exchange the goods purchased in the finished state within 14 days of the date of purchase, provided that the goods are not damaged and have not been used.

9.2. You cannot change the goods specifically ordered or made separately for the buyer.

  1. Force Majeure

10.1. The seller is not responsible for the non-fulfilment of the order if this is due to circumstances that are not influenced by the seller.

  1. Other terms and conditions.

11.1. All differences between the seller and the buyer are sought through negotiations in the Estonian language. In cases where negotiations fail to produce results, the parties have the right to use all legal remedies provided by law, including recourse to persons or institutions resolving consumer complaints.

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